Classic Customer Service Complaints That Can Score You Free Credits

“Keep complaining”

We all know that cam sites are awesome, but one of the least awesome aspects of using them is the fact that you have to dish out some of your hard-earned cash to tip the models that you’re watching. It can be difficult to keep track of your spending on cam sites, which means that credits can get rather expensive quite quickly. Then again, there’s not really that much of an option for you, since you do need to spend some amount of money to get what you want out of the models most of the time. Small tips here and there are more or less something that you can’t escape, since it’s not easy to get models to do things for free and you will need to show her that you’re willing to spend money on her in order to get her to do what you want, most of the time.

Don’t worry; your wallet doesn’t need to tremble in fear every time you open your favorite cam site any longer. There are some easy ways to go about getting what you want for free, all without having to harass your favorite model to give things to you for free – which can wind up irritating her enough to get you kicked out of her chat room. And the way to do it is actually easy. Complaining to customer service on your favorite amateur online sex sites is one of the best hacks to get free credits, and you aren’t even breaking any rules by doing it! if you’re not convinced that this works, we have some great tips for you to get the most out of your cam site usage by gaming the system.

Complaining That Some Function of the Site Didn’t Work

“Complain about the non-functionality of the site”

One of the classic complaints that you can use when you decide to start gaming the site’s system is that the site isn’t functioning properly. You might think this is a bit amateurish, but really it’s a great way to get free credits if you do it properly. Think all cam sites are shady moneymaking schemes that don’t care about your experience as long as they get money? Well, you’re wrong – cam sites are legitimate, above-the-board business, which means they depend on your business and your money. This translates to good customer service for you, which is why you can game the system to get free credits by complaining that something wasn’t working properly. They want to make sure that you get the most out of your experience with the site, so if you complain about your experience the right way, you can wind up with free tokens or credits.

We recommend trying to come up with something that is believable without being too outrageous or easily fixed. They may try to take you through technical support to back up your claims, so be prepared to come up with excuses if needed. It’s usually best to act like you were having difficulty getting the tipping system or some other built-in function to work. Complaining that you couldn’t connect doesn’t work as often.

Complaining That the Model Was Trying to Scam You

“Tell them about the model who tried to scam you”

This one is a bit riskier, but it’s still not technically hacking the amateur online sex site of your choice, so you should be fine if you’re cautious enough. Claiming that a model was trying to scam you is another good way to get free credits from the site, but you do need to be careful about how you go about it. You may actually need evidence for this claim, so it’s not as easy as the rest. However, if you genuinely do get scammed by a cam model then this is an easy way to get free credits out of a bad experience.

Reporting models who misbehave is something that the site is clearly going to appreciate quite a lot, so it’s worth giving it a shot if you can come up with a believable story. If your model wasn’t necessarily trying to scam you but she was breaking site rules, it’s just as easy to report her and you can still wind up coming out on top with some free credits out of the deal. Give it a shot next time you have a bad experience – the site will likely do its best to make sure you come back again.

Complaining about Hackers or Scammers in the Chat

“Warn them about the scammers on the site”

When it comes to trying to score free credits by complaining to customer service, complaining that there were hackers or scammers in your chat room is one easy way to do it. By reporting these users, you’re doing the site a favor and helping them improve the quality of their site, which means that you’re likely to be compensated for your troubles. You likely need some kind of proof that this was actually going on, but that’s not usually all that difficult to prove. If you see users spamming the chat room, take a screenshot and send it in as a report. Ham it up a bit and mention how they were ruining your experience and you should be able to get some free credits out of the deal. The more you make it seem like you had a genuinely bad experience because of the users, the more the site’s administrators and moderators are going to care about making sure that they improve your experience.

Don’t go overboard, though – doing this too often can wind up getting you in trouble for it becomes obvious that you are trying to game the system. In general, it is this just be cautious and avoid doing this on a regular basis, because it can make you look quite suspicious. They may stop giving you credits if you do it too often, so we do recommend taking it easy. Here are some tips and tools that can help you, click here: Make use of the top strategies for cam sites and get the free credits that you want.

Complaining That the Video Doesn’t Work

It’s definitely not a real amateur online sex site hack, but it doesn’t need to be, because this won’t get you in trouble – by complaining that the video isn’t working that well for you, you may very well score some free tokens out of customer service. It may not be as effective as the other methods since the site may just try to troubleshoot the issue, but it’s still worth a shot.If you can’t think of anything else to complain about, then this is usually enough to at least give you some form of compensation for the time to use the site. We recommend trying to him it up is much as possible so it seems like it was really a big you. This definitely isn’t the most effective method of getting free tokens, but it is one of the more safe options available to you if you decide to exploit the site’s system in this way. There isn’t much need to provide proof, since technical errors like this happen all the time, but the downside is that you may not always get compensated for it. They may just take you through technical support to try and troubleshoot the issue, so keep that in mind when you’re trying to decide what method to go with. We recommend using this as a last resort.

Why You’re Wearing Your Suit Wrong and How to Fix It

“Make sure you wear a suit with proper fitting”

It’s a common misconception among men from Bristol to Bangkok: just walking in and finding what size suit you wear is enough to know you have the right fit. Wrong. In fact, suits are one of the few pieces of clothing we wear these days that absolutely must be tailored correctly no matter what. Otherwise, the suits not only look ill fitted, but we come off as lazy and unknowledgeable to just about anyone bothering to look. When you consider the fact that most guides for married fling sites suggest at least one profile picture in a suit, you can start to see how this has a tremendous effect on your love life more than anything else. If you want to find a married fling, then suit up right. Visit to read more about successful online affairs and how to dress right for men.

No Matter How Well You Think It Fits, Take It to a Tailor

The fact of the matter is, simply, that a suit never fits right until you take it to a tailor. We don’t care how many people complimented you or how well you think you look in it either. Frankly, most of us are terrible when it comes to figuring out how good we do or don’t look in suits or anything else. The only surefire way to know you’re wearing the suit instead of it wearing you, is to take it to a tailor and have them fit it to you. Chances are good they will find something that need to be altered one way or another. It’s best to just let them do their thing: this is one of the few cases where you just let the tradesman work his magic and go with what he’s telling you. These guys make their living making you look good, remember. He’s not going to let you down, because he wants you to bring your other clothes back later. If he does a good job, you will want to as well.

Why the Length of Your Pants Matters

“The length of your pants should neither be too long nor too short”

While you probably aren’t going to see the bottom hem of your slacks in most pictures for married fling sites, in person this sort of thing really sticks out. In fact, there is even a special name for where the fabric of your pants hits your shoe: the break. So called because of the crease the forms which “breaks” the otherwise straight vertical lines of cloth. Generally speaking, the break should be very small, but most of the time, men wear their pants far too long and end up with puddles instead of crisp breaks. Keep in mind, of course, that the opposite can mess you up as well. Too short and you create a high water affect that ends up showing off a bit of your socks. While this is actually considering somewhat fashionable as of late, most of the time it’s not a look the lot of us can pull off. Stick to the happy medium of getting a crisp break at the end of the leg without it looking like you’re just pooling fabric at the top of your shoe. While we are on the subject, avoid pants with cuffs. They really don’t flatter most guys and tend to shorten the look of our legs, which is just generally unappealing to everyone, potential dates included.

Buy Jackets by the Shoulders: Sleeves Can (and Should) Be Fixed

Another mistake we see by the thousands every day is the penchant for guys who think they have some idea of how suits are supposed to be tailored, to think that once they get the length of their pants right, they are done. How wrong they are. The next most common issue when it comes to getting a suit to actually fit correctly and look right on a guy is the length of the sleeves. Most of the time, people have them entirely too long, which gives you a rumpled, sloppy appearance. Take them up too much, however, and you start looking really dorky. A good rule of thumb for length is stopping about half an inch before the end of your shirt sleeve. Don’t forget to have the tailor look at the width of the sleeves, either! Too many guys are walking around with bulky sleeves in jackets that look like they are eating them alive and generally make you look heavier or formless. In other words, not appealing to women at all.

Cut the Threads

“Cut the extra threads on your suit to give it a neat look”

The slit in the back of your jacket and the thread sewing pockets closed are supposed to be removed. We swear this is just done to keep the shape and pristine press of the suit while it is being put on display to be sold. Once you own it, gain use of your pockets and let your jacket move the way it was intended to!

Know Your Accessories

Tips that will help you pull off a suit in profile pics for married fling sites just as well as high end parts and business events include know what goes where and what it should all look like. For example, you really shouldn’t be using the bottom button of your suit jacket, nor do you necessarily need an undershirt. If you do wear one, however, make sure no one can catch sight of it. Wear a tie for formal events, but make sure it is not peeking out from the sides or back of your shirt collar. This is usually a hint that either your collar is too thin or your tie is too fat.

Figure out which you are fighting and change accordingly. In most cases you can used a standard Windsor knot, just make sure the length of the tie brushing over the top of your belt buckle. Along those lines, always make sure you are wearing a belt, no matter how well the pants fit. Remember bow ties are still considered more formal than other ties if you are wearing them with a suit. Also remember little accessories like pocket squares, watches, and cuff links should be added to accent, not steal the show. Stick to one color of metal and try to keep your pocket square in line with the colors of your shirt and/or socks. When considering colors, keep in mind that black suits are usually worn for primarily formal, and upper crust occasions. For most days, browns, greys and blues are more appropriate bases.

To save Money, Buy Large and Invest in Alterations

“Get your suit altered from a professional tailor”

One last piece of advice that will get you suited just as well in Bristol as it will in New York; if you are on a budget, look for deals in suits that are a little larger than you and save your money for a good tailor. Most of the time, the tailor is going to have the bigger impact than the fabric or original cut of the suit for anyone looking to save a few pounds. You need to give them something to work with, however, which is why it’s always better to go with the suit that fits slightly too big than the one that might be slightly too small. When in doubt, always size your suit jacket to your shoulders. The length of the sleeves and the torso can be hemmed, but the shoulders are typically going to cost you more, if they can do much at all for you.

Five Signs of a MILF Cam Girl Who Will Give You More for Less

“She will give you a show to remember”

Finding a cam girl who really appeals to you can be a complex task. Although there are lots of different types of girls out there that range from MILFs to anything else you can imagine, you need to find the few that really give you what you want. Unfortunately, this can also be expensive. There are a few ways to get around this sad reality, though, so don’t assume you have to go bankrupt just to get the type on cam action that you’re looking for. Sometimes cam sites charge an arm and a leg, when in reality, they’re just a scam to begin with. If you’re into MILFs, for example, you might be asking yourself if MILF cam sites are real. The answer is that some are, and some aren’t. You need to find the ones that are real first to get started on the right path, and then figure out which women will give you the most for your money. Steering clear of live cam scams should be your priority. Click this link here: and find out whether your cam milfs are scam artists or not. Here are five signs that your favorite MILF is a good candidate who will give you more for less.

She’s Been Around the Block

Cam girls who are new to the scene generally charge more for their services because they become popular very quickly. Men are fascinated by new girls that arrive on camera to popular sites because of the novelty and instant gratification of experiencing something new. However, this effect fades relatively quickly. Once cam girls have gotten around and become part of the background of cam girl sites, you can be sure that you’re in a good position to make your move. MILF cam girls are especially prone to this situation, since they’re already operating within a specific niche. MILFs appeal to a particular type of man, so the pool of customers from which they’re drawing is smaller. When you start investigating which MILF cam sites are actually real, you’ll come out with an even smaller number. Check out when your potential MILF of choice started doing business on the cam girl site you’ve decided to join. If she’s been at it for over six months, chances are business has died down, and she’s ready to lower her standards to keep the revenue rolling in. When you approach her for the first time for additional perks, don’t say up front that you know she’s not doing as much business. Just keep it in the back of your mind as you go forward.

Lower Quality Cam Resolution

“She would like to make it up to you for crappy video quality”

There are cam girls that only dabble in the cam scene for extra income, and they’re good candidates to approach for trying to get more for your money. They’re usually doing it as a hobby, and often times are also MILFs. MILFs are often also staying at home to take care of kids or do other household jobs, so having a cam on the side is a great source of income. A lot of women enjoy camming, but when you have a cam girl who’s also a MILF, the pressure to earn as much money as possible isn’t quite as great. Therefore, once you find MILF cam sites that are real to do business with and find a legit MILF, a dead giveaway that you’re dealing with more an amateur cam girl is when the resolution on the webcam is a little less crystal clear than a professional. That doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to see anything. It’s the difference between paying for hi-def and regular television. There’s no need to see everything is picture perfect detail, as long as it’s watchable. This is a telltale sign that you’re about to save a lot of money, too.

Smaller Group Chats

“She feels comfortable in smaller group chats”

Sometimes MILF cam girls are more selective in their group chats, and high quality performers will have smaller group chats. However, the pickier she is, the smaller the audience size she’s going to have. Due to the fact that a lot of MILFs cam on the side, they’re not as concerned with maintaining a large, regular customer base. MILF cam sites that are legitimately real are much more likely to have discerning girls who are conscious about who’s a good chat participant and who needs to be banned. However, since it’s a smaller audience, if you appeal to a MILF’s kinky interests or some other way, there’s a good chance that she’ll offer you her services at a less expensive price than a more popular, mainstream performer. Look out for the girls who also have less frequent group chats or on their channel less than other cam girls. This also ensures that you can skip around to different MILF cam girls to see who really appeals to you. The less money you spend on one girl, the more opportunity you’ll have to explore what lies in store on other sites or channels.

She Seems Bored

“She is bored and wants to do something different”

Cam girls get bored, too, after a while. This is especially true if none of her customers are entertaining her, or they’re all the same. Unlike traditional porn, the biggest draw to a live cam girl show is that it’s being directed specifically at you, even if you’re in a crowd. This creates a unique interface with the girls on cam, since you can also talk to them, make special requests, or ask them questions. Sometimes, though, cam girls get bored with what they’re doing, and that’s where you come in. If you can excite a cam girl back into a performance by appealing to her in some way, you’re definitely going to be a favorite, and she’ll be more inclined to go along with what you want. Talking to a MILF who enjoys conversation will make the experience more personal and probably more fun for her. Many men don’t understand the real value of a cam girl, and they treat cam girl sites like regular porn. There’s no point in doing that unless you actually want to watch regular porn, which is mind numbingly boring in comparison. Therefore, by helping to relieve a MILF performer of her boredom on camera will earn you big points, and even bigger savings.

She Puts on a Lot of Shows

“She is trying hard to stay in the game”

Most successful cam girls only need to put on a few shows a day to make their living. There are lots of reasons for a particular cam girl to decline in popularity, though. That doesn’t mean that they’ve gotten sloppy necessarily. It could simply mean they’ve been around for a while, or maybe they’ve lost a niche market they’d discovered because someone better came along. Cam girl politics are its own separate world, and it’s not on you having to deal with. However, you can be sure that a cam girl who has lost favor with her customer base will start to put on more shows during the day, or be on cam for longer amounts of time. There are lots of MILFs who might just be bored or lonely, and that’s where you want to strike when the iron is hot. A MILF who’s looking for extra income but not finding much of a response is going to be excited about any interested parties who start talking to her. Find the MILF who performs more regularly than other cam girls, and you’ll know that you’ve found a good choice of performer.

Why Sex Toys Will Save Your Sex Life

“Sex toys can bring the spark back into your sex life”

A lot of guys seem to feel intimidated by sex toys for some reason. We’re really not sure where that mindset came about from, especially when sex toys can really elevate the sex lives of both men and women alike. By including sex toys in the bedroom, you’ll find yourself being able to please women better than ever before, and they’ll really appreciate that extra touch and extra attention. This is why you never need to shy away from bringing sex toys into the bedroom on your next sex date–your woman will love it, and trust us, it will really keep them coming back for more and more, even if you use horrible sites like You should avoid scam websites like these at all cost. Visit our Canadian review site, and trust the review of a top site only.

You Shouldn’t Be Threatened By Them

“Enjoy them”

We’re astonished by the number of guys out there that really think sex toys are stealing women away from them. This really isn’t the case at all, and if anything, sex toys are going to help you out when it comes to Canadian dating online. The thing about sex toys is that they’re an aid, and while a lot of men and women use them to have fun on their own, they are just as valid to be used in the bedroom as out of it. Having sex toys in your arsenal for hookups will really help you hookup with more ladies, and in general, talking about the kinds of sex toys that you’re experienced with will give you points whenever you’re trying to get into online Canadian dating.

The most common reason that we see guys threatened by the idea of sex toys is the idea of women becoming addicted to masturbating with vibrators rather than enjoying the touch of a man. First and foremost, it should be made clear that such a mindset is ridiculous. Think about how many times you jerk off with your own hand. Do you still want to be in bed with a woman? The answer is yes, without a doubt, and that’s the same thing that you need to realize with women. Even if they’re having fun with a vibrator on their own, they’re still going to want to be with a guy. It’s a completely different experience, and both are completely valid when it comes to having sex. This is just something you’re going to have to accept and learn to enjoy, even if you’re using horrible sites like

Not All Sex Toys are Created Equal

“Know the difference”

A lot of guys think that a cheap vibe is the exact same as a high dollar one. While some people can get away with enjoying both, you’re still going to be able to tell the difference. Most women also have preferences, and that’s why it’s important to chat with her about what she really likes to use in the bedroom before you end up trying to bring in toys that she just isn’t going to enjoy. Ladies are allowed to be picky about this sort of thing, and in fact, we encourage it!

There are also a ton of different vibrators out there, just as there are a ton of different dildos, ropes, paddles, and any other kind of sex toy that you can imagine. Liking one type of sex toy isn’t immediately going to say that you’re going to like all of them, and this is why it’s a good idea to do a lot of research and try out a bunch of different things. By doing so, you’ll be able to find something that really suits you and your woman, and you’ll definitely be able to say that you’ve had experience with other kinds of things if she ends up asking your opinion on certain kinds of toys.

Being able to express that kind of experience is going to earn you some serious points in the bedroom. It’s good to know your stuff when it comes to sex toys and any other kinds of sexual items. It’s also going to make it that much easier for you to go out to a sex store with your hookup and help her pick out something for a gift. You’ll know what will really suit her, and you’ll really know how to blow her mind with it later on as well. This is why sex toys can really save your sex life, and help you have an amazing time with Canadian online dating. It certainly has made a similar difference on our own sex lives without a doubt.

Learn How to Use Them

“Do some research”

The thing about sex toys is that they’re completely useless unless you’re capable with them. Whenever you’re buying her a vibrator, we highly recommend that you get one that you personally enjoy the vibrations of. If you enjoy the way it feels on your own skin, she will probably feel similarly. You don’t want something that’s going to chafe or burn courtesy of how fast or strangely it vibrates, and sadly, that’s the kind of thing that a lot of low quality vibrators will do, and why we highly recommend you stay away from them.

By testing out different vibrators, ropes, or whatever else on yourself, you’ll know that much better how it actually feels. You’ll know what is too much or too tight, and you’ll be able to better judge your woman’s reactions to whatever it is you’re using on her. Having this kind of control and experience with sex toys is another thing that will really help you out in your hookups, and we highly recommend taking the time to learn how to use whatever it is you want to bring into the bedroom. By doing so, you’ll really be able to impress her, and really will be able to make her want to come back for more.

They Make Great Gifts

“Always a good gift”

We really do recommend that you think about gifting your hookups sex toys. Sex toys make amazing gifts because they aren’t too personal, and they can actually be used during your hookups. This means that you aren’t going to be giving her the wrong idea about any sort of attachment, but you definitely are going to be giving her something that she enjoys…and that you can both use in the bedroom while you’re hooking up.

We think that sex toys really can benefit any sort of sexual relationship. Obviously, you need to learn how to use them, and really know what it is that she enjoys about them before you invest a ton of money into any sort of gift for her. Either way, they should be an essential part of your hookup and sex dating kit, so make sure you have a few that are generally just crowd pleasers.

Overall, just use sex toys. Bring them into the bedroom with you, experiment with them, and have a good time with them. They’re the kind of thing that a ton of women really want to see in the bedroom more, but just don’t want to ask for them for fear of making their man uncomfortable. They’re nothing to fear–they’re just another tool that you can use in order to help her get off, and trust us, so long as she’s getting off, she’s happy.

Manage Your Email With These 5 Apps

One of the most interesting things about having a smartphone is that it is highly functional. It can perform a lot of things in a single click. The smartphone is so handy because of the applications that you can use. Email apps are among the most important applications you should have in your smartphone. It makes emailing much easier. There are a lot of email apps available and here are 5 of the best apps out there.

1. Mailbox, iPhone’s and iPad’s free mail

Mailbox is one of the best free email apps available for the iPhone and iPad. It allows you to easily view your mail. It also allows you to archive these mails or trash it immediately. At no cost, this app is surely a bomb when it comes to email management. Take note though that Mailbox only supports Gmail so you need to have a Gmail account to use this app.

2. Yahoo! Mail, one of the pioneers of email use

When it comes to emails, no company is more recognizable than Yahoo mail. When the online community was just getting started, Yahoo was one of the leaders in providing free mail. Armed with a cool and easy-to-use interface, Yahoo has brought its expertise on emails to the smartphone as an application giving Yahoo users a familiar look when viewing mails through their mobile devices.

3. Functional AltaMail for iOS platform

Functional AltaMail for iOS platform

Functional AltaMail for iOS platform

Another great email that iPhone or iPad users can take advantage of is the AltaMail. It has a lot of mail management features that makes email organizing easy for you if you have an iOS-powered device. It allows you to search important mails from your accounts and view it on your phone. It also has the capability to convert your saved emails in different formats depending on how you want it.

4. Sync your email accounts through AquaMail

Most people have many email accounts from different providers. Viewing your messages can be confusing if you have multiple accounts. AquaMail is the right app that can help you link these accounts for easy management while you perform your email tasks.

5. Connect with your fiends through Group Email

5 Habits of Productivity App Super Users

5 Habits of Productivity App Super Users

Using your phone to connecting via email to a single person is easy. However, when you need to send an email to a huge group, you may have a problem. Group Mail aims to help you solve this problem by allowing you to send mails to a single person or to a lot of people whenever you want. With an easy-to-manage interface, this app will make sure your email reaches everyone in your distribution list.

Communicating via email has become one of the primary ways for people to reach out to others. Using email apps for your smartphone will not only make it easy for you to access your email, but it also organizes your account to make sure that everything you need to do can be done in a breeze.

5 Books That You Should Read After A Break-Up

Break-ups can be very painful. You can get too stressed and become too weary to do the things you have to do. You seem so uninspired and you lack motivation. You can make use of this time to read books and deal with the break-up in a better manner. There are a lot of good break-up books available. Reading one is far better than slumping around and feeling distressed. Here are some books that should be on your palms if you just had a break-up:

1. Love, Loss and What I Wore

This is a great book written by Ilene Beckerman. This book is about the memorable moments in Ilene’s life and how she got through these events. She suffered two divorces and has 6 children. She shares to you the clothes she wore during these unforgettable moments. She shares how she looks back at her life and associates her clothes to those events. The book also gives you info on moving on and creating happy memories in your life.

2. Bridget Jones’s Diary

The 9 literary heroines we love HARD

The 9 literary heroines we love HARD

You have probably heard of this title already as there was a movie adaptation of this book. The book written by Helen Fielding is one of the best books to read if you just went through a break-up. The book tells you what you should and should not do after a break-up. It is one of the best reading materials for women who are single and feel lonely.

3. High Fidelity

Another good break-up book that was adapted into a movie is High Fidelity. The book is written by Nick Hornby. The book tries to give light to break-ups in a man’s perspective. The story revolves around a music addict that gets dumped several times. The man then tries to recall all of his other break-ups and ranks them. This book gives you an idea on what a man is really thinking and what his views are when it comes to break-ups.

4. Dumped by Mary Jane Fahey and Caryn Beth Rosenthal

Dumped Breakup Book

Dumped Breakup Book

This is the best book for people who just can’t move on. It encourages people who just had a break-up to stand up and move on. It is also considered by some as a bible that teaches you how to pick yourself up after a break-up.

5. Harry Potter series

If you are someone that really needs to stray away from your most recent relationship, then this series will surely help you. J.K. Rowling will transport you to the magical world of witchcraft and wizardry through the Harry Potter series. You will forget your woes and enjoy reading this book. You will also realize that you have friends that will help you the same way there are friends on Harry’s back.

Break-ups are not amongst the happiest events in your life. In fact, they can put you in misery. Shrugging off break-up depression is not easy. You need to have the will to move on. Reading these 5 books will surely help you make it through this stage much easier.

5 Benefits OF Stretching Properly

Stretching has many benefits if done properly. Done the wrong way, it can cause injury. To get the full benefit of stretching, you have to keep these in mind: do not stretch cold muscles (stretch after exercise instead); do not stretch until it is painful (it should be relaxing); do not bounce (it should be smooth and gentle); hold it at least 10 seconds; do not hold your breath (and breathe through the nose); never stretch an injury; and regularly stretch at least thrice a week. Then you reap the benefits of proper stretching:

Oxygen supply with proper breathing

While stretching, breathe properly, slowly and do not hold your breath. Make sure you do breathe through your nose as it is only through the nostrils that oxygen is processed. If you breathe through the mouth you release too much carbon dioxide too soon. Make use of your lower lungs when you breathe while stretching so that you deliver more oxygen to the stretched cells.

Flexibility of muscles and joints

Proper Stretching Technique

Proper Stretching Technique

As you get to be used to stretching, you will notice that it gets easier as the last time than the previous time, provided the gap is just short (like a couple of days max). As you get used to stretching you get to be more flexible. Your reach gets longer. The pain that you used to feel is gone. You get to climb stairs with ease. You become agile because you can move without body aches.

Maintain proper balance

When you are used to stretching and reach out as far as you can, you learn to balance yourself. When you do, you are able to move your feet or your body to where it should be in case of a fall. As you fall you will also feel that you are lighter than you used to feel. You may have really lost weight but if not, it is because of the balance that you are able to easily set.

Improves blood circulation

Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching

Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching

When you stretch, oxygen gets through the veins. When it does, blood circulation is improved. Stretching all the limbs, back, neck and waist helps the circulation preventing clogged veins and arteries.

Helps relieve stress

Since proper stretching is generally relaxing, especially when you are used to doing it regularly, it helps relieve stress. Try to stay focused on your stretching thinking of nothing else, or you can meditate while stretching to help you relieve stress even more effectively.


Stretching can be the least exercise you can do if real exercising is holding you back. It is one of those low-impact routines. If done properly, stretching can be very beneficial especially as you grow older. Make sure to remember the proper way to do it to avoid injury.

The Little Known Secrets Of Providers That Locks Savings On Cell Phone Bills

Cell phone providers seem to be in a never-ending race for customer satisfaction as cell phone users make the switches from one carrier to another. In order to get the best out of their money and cut on cell phone bills, consumers must learn about the little secrets withheld by cell phone carriers that can deprive great savings.

Common Complaints Raised by Cell Phone Users

  • Long-term contracts

  • Expensive data plans

  • Early termination fees

  • Costly service

  • Fast decline in market value of cell phone units

Cell Phone Carriers and their 3 Little Known Secrets on Consumer Savings

Data Pirates (AKA Cops) Can Hack Your Cell Phone

Data Pirates (AKA Cops) Can Hack Your Cell Phone

  1. Hack your cell phone for an upgrade. Whatever brand of cell phone you have, taking it to an upgraded level is a breeze. Hack sites that can be accessed through the internet reveals secret menus for different cell phone brands. It even teaches procedures that enable unlocking for another cell phone carrier.

  1. Third party applications are free. Carriers have been reducing prices of software programs but nothing beats a free application offered elsewhere. Resourceful consumers may be well aware but many others have yet to discover this little secret.

  1. Charge rather than cash out. The monthly payment of cell phone bill is automated by the use of credit card or any other rewards card. Interchange fees born by service providers are associated with credit transactions and cost them more. On the flip side, consumers who charge earns the credit rewards which may be in the form of reward points, miles, or cash.

Hidden Possibilities for Negotiation Exposed

Mobile phone companies rake in £90million a year in 'hidden' contract charges

Mobile phone companies rake in £90million a year in ‘hidden’ contract charges

Carriers pursue new customers and will give most perks available. This includes a negotiable cost for a new cell phone unit, a better proposition on the call plan, or both. This kind of flexibility by the carriers extends to those out of contract so that they gain the business.

In many cases, getting into a contract substantially increases the bargaining power of cell phone users. The perks often offered by carriers are as follows:

  • The cost of breaking the contract with the present service provider is covered.

  • More service lines availed mean more perks.

  • Price of a brand new cell phone unit is greatly reduced.

  • The account is given a one-time credit.

  • Free minutes for calls are integrated.

A consumer’s knowledge on the little known secrets by cell phone service providers is the major key that unlocks savings. One should know what information carriers are trying to keep from cell phone users and likewise benefit from unnecessary spending and fair deal negotiations. Given just a few pieces of valuable information, a consumer is able to level up the playing field. You have just unlocked the secret so use the information to your advantage. After all, knowledge is power.

3 Ways To Perform SEO On A Budget

Search engine optimization, or fondly called SEO, is very popular among website owners nowadays. Simply put, Search engine optimization is a process where a certain website is optimized to be more visible on search engines around the web. This is very important, since getting on top of search queries dramatically increases site traffic. But the problem with website owners, especially those who can’t afford SEO is how to perform SEO with limited resources. Here are 3 ways to perform SEO on a tight budget.

Perform Onsite Analysis on Your Website

Before Search engine optimizers start optimizing your website; they first analyze how you stand as a website. Is your site already readily visible on search queries? If yes then there’s no need to optimize your website anymore. But chances are, your website needs as much optimization as it needs. And this is where you start to perform SEO on a tight budget: on-site analysis. You can do this on your own by downloading free programs like Traffic Travis that can analyze your websites for you. The process is pretty straightforward, and you’ll have your analysis in no time.

Get acquainted with the use of Keywords

A Practical Guide To Finding Great SEO Keywords Using Google AdWords

A Practical Guide To Finding Great SEO Keywords Using Google AdWords

One of the core practices of search engine optimization is the use of keywords. Basically, “keywords” are specific words that are being searched in search engines. What these people do is to optimize their website with the relevant keywords of your website. To do this, you can start off with optimizing your website’s heading tags and title tags with the relevant keywords that you are targeting on. Keep in mind that these keywords should be relevant to the content of your website. Also make sure that these keywords are a mix of branded and industry keywords or keyword phrases. These are general and specific queries, respectively.

Build Links to Your Website

What is Link Building and how do Backlinks help search engines to rank your website on top of your competition?

What is Link Building and how do Backlinks help search engines to rank your website on top of your competition?

Another important factor in search engine optimization is link building. Links are almost as important as keywords: without these, your website won’t reach its full potential. You can do a lot of link-building on your own, even without the help of industry professionals; since there are a lot of free resources available online. What you can do for example, is to right guest posts to other websites in exchange for a link. You can also create info-graphics that will link to your website, and in turn these info-graphics can be shared through social networks. All you need to invest on is a lot of time, and you won’t need to pay a single cent.

With the number of free resources that are available online, there is no excuse for you to optimize your website on your own. Doing SEO job is fairly easy: all you have to do is to utilize your time in optimizing your websites for increased traffic.